Hi there!

I’m Elissa Ashwood, breast cancer survivor.
Cancer can’t take away the kind of beautiful
that comes from the inside out.

In 2012, I wore dresses to my 33 treatments and posted as I went.
And now I’m wearing one dress a week to keep this spirit going.
These 33 dresses are a symbol of living our lives no matter what.

Let this be a reason to use your good stuff in support of someone you love going through cancer! Check out this video from my best friend.

It doesn’t have to be dresses. It doesn’t have to be 33.

Join me in your own way! Wear a dress or your jewelry, use your china, buy flowers, go fishing. Let’s not look back on life wondering why we waited for a special occasion to break out the good stuff!

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The Spectator Workout

Posted: May 24th, 2014 by Elissa - No Comments

If you love watching sports, you probably spend a lot of time on the couch or the sidelines.  Try putting yourself into the action with this spectator sports workout.

This weekend, I watched my daughter row to victory at the Midwest Rowing Championships.  They are on to Nationals in California!

But I didn’t just watch.  I trekked back and forth across that river course all day long.  Cheering on every boat that raced in the team.

It reminded me of a story my dad told me about Texas A&M.  There’s a tradition there that the crowd is the 12th man on the football team.  The lore goes that one day a player was injured on the field and someone came out of the stands to take his place.  Ever since then, the crowd stands ready to jump in if needed.  I know I feel that way when I watch the kids race.

Here’s to caring so much about your favorite athletes that you do the spectator workout with them.

How can you get your #33minutes in cheering your team along?